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NJ Business Directory is a human curated business listing directory for companies of all sizes in New Jersey

With the help of technology, small business is making a comeback.  Consumers appreciate and reward the high level of service they receive from local business.  Technology is making it possible for the small enterprise to compete with the big boys.

NJ Business Directory is a place where small New Jersey based business can list and promote their business and increase visibility for their website and social media presence.

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Our local directory is designed to help us help you serve the community.  Businesses are invited to list their local business in NJ Business Directory.  Additionally, you can post open job opportunities and find qualified candidates.

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America was founded on the entrepreneurial spirit of immigrants looking for a better opportunity. Early settlers came to the U.S. with a dream to better their futures.  They opened small shops and restaurants to provide goods and services for their local community.

With each passing year local businesses grew and flourished. But they still provided for their local community.  Eventually, some business grew larger and expanded into new areas.  Naturally, this lead to establishing standard business processes to keep the enterprise running like a machine.  That’s where the problem started.

Every local community is unique with its own set of ideals, traditions and culture.  Homogenizing communities for the sake of business profit leads to a loss of identity and lack of connection between shopkeeper and customer.  The erosion of this relationship was further exasperated by big box stores that moved into town and swallowed up shops and restaurants and pushed out local businesses.

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